17: Solopreneur Michael O’Neal on being Proudly Unemployable


Today’s guest interviewed me on his podcast and despite having been interviewed dozens of times, Michael O’ Neal managed to ask me questions I had never answered for an audience. In fact, he probed so deep into my thoughts, feelings and personal journey that it inspired me to devote a recent episode of The Marketing Lifestyle to just telling my story. We finally met face-to-face at the recent Podcast Movement conference in Dallas (and he was in a few videos I did there as well), where he managed to make a table of diners very uncomfortable. In this podcast, we discuss what it takes to fly solo and some of the stories of those who have made that commitment.

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About Michael:

He spent the first 15 years of his career as a web designer and worked for others until 2005. That’s when he decided he was “unemployable,” and started on the entrepreneurial track. For the next five years, he struggled emotionally and financially while enduring through the illness and death of both of his parents. Four years ago, he discovered a passion for network marketing and Internet marketing. Last year, he started a podcast called The Solopreneur Hour – Job Security for the Unemployable.  Its aim is to show the other unemployable people of the world the correct path to business success on their own terms.

The Chat:


A First Thing:

Michael is an incredible interviewer. What makes his podcast so engaging is how he asks the kinds of questions that help his audience realize that entrepreneurs are just regular people. There’s nothing magical about people who run successful businesses. They have normal backgrounds and have many of the same experiences.


A Big Thing:

You might think the Rapid Fire portion of The Marketing Lifestyle Show is a gimmick I use to fill 20 minutes. But it’s amazing some of the cool lessons I have learned during this portion of the show. Case in point: When I asked Michael about whether he preferred one-sided or two-sided business cards, he shared an awesome anecdote. He once met a real estate agent who had way too much information crammed on his business card. Michael offered to redesign his business card and would only be paid if the real estate agent liked the new cards. His new business cards received so much attention at a networking event that he paid Michael three times his usual rate. The lesson: Use your business cards to create curiosity instead of trying to tell your whole story.


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