16: It’s time to return some messages. Q&A with Amy


I’m deviating from the normal format of the Marketing Lifestyle Show this week because my email inbox is way too full. You see, my policy is to respond to every email I receive — not counting those spam emails about cheap Canadian prescription drugs. I love, love interacting with people on my email list, my social media buddies and my awesome clients. But it’s getting to be a challenge because you keep sending me great questions and comments. So today instead of doing an interview, I’m answering a few of my emails.

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About Amy:

Listen to my Podcast Selfie for the unadulterated story of how I got here.

The Chat:


A First Thing:

The questions and comments I respond to today cover a wide array of topics. The first question deals with a business owner trying to figure out why she can’t hit her revenue target. I cover technical questions like how I create the outtro to my videos, discuss strategy regarding how to funnel traffic to your website, and the more philosophical inquiries about why I don’t limit my podcasts to 60 minutes.

A Big Thing:

So one of the ways I pay the rent is by offering my brain — not for science purposes but to help people figure out this whole social media stuff and how to apply it to their business. Pick My Brain is my mini-consulting service where for a one-time fee I will talk about your social media strategy for 90 minutes on Skype, provide you an audio recording of our conversation and provide a written action plan you can start implementing immediately.

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