Twitter Engagement: How to get more NOW

So no one is responding to your profound and interesting Twitter activity? There’s one simple way to have a target, relevant audience give you more Twitter engagement. Watch to learn how.

Bradley wanted to know why he wasn’t getting very much Twitter engagement although continuing to share value with his audience that is following him.

I checked out his profile and was not terribly surprised by the answer to his question.

Thanks to the awesome new layouts of Twitter, you can now see someone’s main feed vs. their feed with all of their @replies (insinuating conversation). This makes it really easy to see the difference between how much content is being shared against how much actual conversation is happening.

Not much conversation happening for Bradley, as I noted on his @reply feed that there were only a couple mentions here and there.

The bottom line is that when people are asking for more engagement, they’re usually the ones that aren’t putting out into the world what they want in return. ENGAGEMENT!

Why would I want to talk to you if you’re not showing your ability to be a conversationalist? Sound about right in real life? It’s the same for Twitter.

If you want more engagement, you have to give it first. Go find people who are having a conversation and join in. That’s the beauty of Twitter. It’s not weird for someone to join the conversation. It’s like this amazing cocktail party and you’re the social butterfly all adding value and a continued reason to chat together.

It’s great if you’re talking t people who you already follow and who follow you. But seeking out new conversations is not only a great way to increase your engagement, but to get more of a following as well. In Bradley’s case, he only has around 100 followers so the possibility of conversation orginating from each of his tweets is going to be lower since there aren’t as many people seeing his stuff. So why depend on that entirely?

I hope this helps if you’re struggling to get a conversations going on Twitter. It’s probably because you need to realize that you don’t always have to be the one to start it. You can join others and benefit as well.