How Does Amy Make Money?

Some people are often confused about my business model and how I make money because they assume I’m getting paid to make videos. Not true. Tune in to learn more.

Many viewers of the Savvy Sexy Social channel get the misconception that I’m a paid YouTuber. But that doesn’t necessarily line up with the number of subscribers and views that I have because you gotta have A LOT of those before you can really cut a full-time paycheck.

And that’s why I made a video awhile back to start giving people a better idea of the big picture of making money. But still, it seems unclear how I in particular am generating revenue while creating a loyally watched web series on YouTube. One does not exactly compute to the other.

So if you’ve been dieing to figure this out, here’s the scoop.

I’ve been on YouTube for a long time. It’s always been a storytelling platform for me. So when I decided to go into business for myself I knew this was going to be my best shot at sharing my message of why I’m good at what I do so people can learn about me and hire me.

When I first started working on my own, I was doing social media implementation services such as tweeting and Facebooking for companies as their ghost poster. While I did that, I learned more about writing and the industry and figured out exactly what I loved the most about it so I could hone in more specifically on my talents and launch an official business with that mission statement.

That’s how Vlog Boss Studios, my company, came to be. I realized in that time freelancing that I loved the process of making videos and strategizing the best way for brands to reach their audience through the medium and wanted to consult with them to make that happen. We work with people — mainly personal brands like authors, speakers and real estate agents — to design the best video content marketing strategy for them that will get them the conversions they need to create a regular pipeline of business.

Clients usually work with us on a 3-6 month basis on a flat retainer fee and work with me directly for coaching and marketing plan design.

Savvy Sexy Social has changed its role a bit over time as my business model has changed. It used to attract the perfect clients to my implementation freelance business and now it’s attracting a little larger of an audience, most of which aren’t ready to work more seriously in coaching as my clients of Vlog Boss Studios are. So Savvy Sexy Social has basically become a client of the business because it has to create its own revenue streams for the time and resources spent on the content to make sense.

So viewers have a couple options of smaller, more scalable products such as 90 minute quick consulting in the Pick My Brain program or even to join the Zero to Pro Vlogger in 5 Weeks bootcamp so they can better their video skills without breaking their budget.

In addition to a couple of other revenue streams, including sponsors such as this video’s Bluehost, there are lots of different ways that the company is making money so if anything ever stops working out, there are lots of other options still coming in to make the business keep running.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what I do and how you can diversify the income of your business so you can make more options for yourself to make money. It’s not so cut and dry as a paycheck from YouTube for ads (which by the way, is always increasing but only by a couple bucks LOL… barely pays a cell phone bill much less my ability to live a financially free life!)