15: Cute dogs and men’s shoes with Rachael King


When I was a wee, young blogger trying to make it in this biz, I looked up to some really awesome bloggers who I wanted to be like. One of my early faves is today’s guest on the Marketing Lifestyle Show. I was a huge fan of Rachael King’s LivitLuvit blog, which was a fun, adventurous look into her life blogging around in DC. I still remember many of her entries and met a lot of my Internet friends because of our common followership of Rachael. She doesn’t blog these days because she’s a key player in not one, but two startups. On today’s episode, Rachael shares what that’s like (Spoiler: It’s not easy).

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About Rachael:

Her career began as a “bored admin who started a blog.” This laid the foundation for a career that has taken her from coast to coast. This spring she moved to L.A. and joined a fantastic startup company filling an incredible need for dog owners: DogVacay. The company replaces kennels by setting up your pooch with a fully trained dog sitter when you have to leave it for several days. As the company’s Head of Communications, Rachael leads PR and develops and implements brand-building ideas.

The Chat:


A First Thing:

As if taking on the role of communicating and building a brand for a startup dog-sitting service wasn’t enough, Rachael has taken an active role in a new venture started by her boyfriend just this week. Shoes By Jews sells all style of shoes that inconspicuously adds three inches of height to the men wearing them. They created a hilarious promotional video you can see on the company’s home page. Just like DogVacay, Shoes By Jews is filling a need because, fair or not, first impressions matter. As Rachael puts it: “Girls use hair extensions, push up bras, fake eyelashes. I think dudes should get one thing.”


A Big Thing:

You want a business education? Jump in on the ground floor of a startup. Rachael says the works she’s done with DogVacay and Shoes By Jews is the same as getting an MBA. She’s endured the sleepless nights, overcome the fatigue with the rush of excitement and played the ‘what-if’ game. Even if one or both companies wind up in the business obituaries, she’ll profit from the learning opportunities. Someday, she’s going to start her own company from the ground up and being involved in these two ventures allows her to learn from their mistakes.

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