How Many Words Will Increase Facebook Engagement?

Want to increase your Facebook engagement (organically)? I don’t blame you. Well it’s time to rething how many words you’re using in your status updates. Turns out, people aren’t reading them!

It’s amazing how many characters Facebook will give you in a status update to tell your story. So many that it makes brands think they can go on for days about the explanation of a photo, link or whatever they’re posting along with it. How complicated!

I used to say that you really need to limit what you’re saying in every update to about what you would expect to see in a tweet. Because if they’re not going to read more than 140 characters on Twitter, why would they on Facebook?

Well it turns out, the sweet spot on Facebook might be even more simplistic than that! Since I recently decided to test out one-line teasers on Facebook status updates, I’ve seen a really great increase in organic engagement on the social network.

When you keep it simple, you’re just more likely to be seen. You’re more likely to have action taken. When people have too much to work with, they don’t work with it at all. And that’s includes reading.

Just think about it. If you didn’t feel like reading something that’s a paragraph, but you wanted to like the image that came with it, maybe youl would just admire it and then refrain from doing anything out of fear that you might like something inappropriate that’s in the text. Seriously. The laziness factor is high there, but so if your expectation of how long someone needs to take to read something when they just want to like and then move on!

Keep it simple and you’ll see your Facebook environment change for the better as well.