14: Passionate Podcaster DJ Waldow on Living Your Passion


If there’s something cool out there, I have to know about it. So when a friend of mine was speaking at a conference about this awesome podcast called “The Work Talk Show,” which I had never heard of, I immediately looked it up. I loved it. It’s co-hosted by today’s guest, DJ Waldow, and delves into all the methods people use to get their work done efficiently. Though we’ve never met in person, DJ and I have interacted on multiple occasions. On this episode of the Marketing Lifestyle Show, DJ discusses why his current lifestyle includes being unemployed and the search for his passion.

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About DJ:

Once upon a time, DJ Waldow used to “live, sleep, eat, and breath” email marketing and social media. He was Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory, operated his own email marketing consultancy (Waldow Social) and had a brief stint as a digital marketing evangelist at Marketo. As of June 5, 2014, DJ is “looking to re-discover” his passion. In the meantime, he co-hosts a kick-ass podcast called “The Work Talk Show” and is launching a new podcast today called “Living Your Passion.”

The Chat:


A First Thing:

Prior to becoming a full-time podcaster, DJ spent the bulk of his career in email marketing. Two years ago, he left a job. He wasn’t sure at the time why he didn’t want to be there; he assumed he just needed a change of scenery. So he got hooked up with Marketo. It was perfect on paper: short commute, autonomy and a collaborative environment. But before long, the same feelings of unfulfillment returned. That’s when he realized he had lost his passion for his career, and the process had started two years ago. So in June, he left Marketo without a backup plan to discover his passion.

A Big Thing:

Once DJ gave people the lowdown on why he quit without having another gig, the outpouring of response came in three forms. There were the those who assumed he at least had a plan. Another group said they also lacked any passion for their current job. The third group offered to help DJ find his passion. At some point, he realized he was having some really cool conversations. It was a no-brainer that others would enjoy listening to people talking about passion, either wanting to find it or how it feels to already have it. That’s how his new podcast — “Living Your Passion,” which debuts TODAY — was born.

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