Sneaky Linking Strategy for Social Media Conversations

Striking up conversations on Twitter to attract new clients? I have a great linking strategy to help you keep them hooked.

I noticed a frequent trend on Instagram where people who create videos and want to promote them to that audience will add the link to the content in their bio and reference it by sharing a screen capture photo or teaser video. As long as you check the bio soon after that photo posts, the link they’re referencing will likely be there so you can convert from Instagram to the content. (If you didn’t know, you can add links to the caption of the photo directly but it’s not hyperlinked so you can click on it. It’s just written text.)

So I thought, how might you use this strategy in another situation that doesn’t necessarily have the restriction, but you’re keeping in mind the same respect for conversation?

I’ve been trying this strategy on Twitter where I use search around for relevant conversations that I would want to be a part of if I was finding potential clients to chat with. Chiming in on the conversations and things they’ve tweeted about, it’s a great way to pop up and make new friends and hopefully new followers.

But not always. If someone checks out your profile and doesn’t necessarily see a common denominator somewhere, they may not follow or worry about you in the long run. But if you use the tailored linking strategy in some way, you could speed up that mindset shift for that person.

Think about a relevant piece of content that your potential client would want to know. Then link to that in your bio. Or use the really cool feature that Twitter finally released and pin a tweet with that information at the top of your profile (this is going to be useful if the person is on desktop checking on the platform so keep in mind it won’t work if they’re using a third party, so maybe only consider your bio link for these situations.) When the person takes interest in you for joining the conversation and then checks your bio, there is a tailored link to something interesting on your website for them to check out.

It may not be the perfect link for everyone, but if you targeted people correctly, they may click to learn more and become a new supporter of yours. And potentially a client down the road.

Get creative with your linking strategy and you just might find that tailoring for your audience when appropriate will make larger strides for you while getting your social on.