More YouTube Views: How to get them with Playlists

You want more YouTube views right? Well, YouTube actually wants to help you with that. The Playlist feature is underrated and over delivers. Learn how to use it to boost your online brand.

The tutorial in the video takes you through a lot of great information about how you can grab that link to your YouTube video a little differently next time. The result could mean more views than you’re offering yourself the opportunity for.

Playlists are a feature that YouTube came out with year or so ago and it helps you give the user a more engaging experience to watch your content and stay on your channel, ultimately getting you more YouTube views.

You’ll notice on my home channel (where not many views happen, but still a lot of people go there to see what I’m all about) it is designed with all kinds of playlists so you can decide which path you’d like to take based on the content that is of most interest to you.

You need to create your own playlists and load up your content and then follow the instructions in the video to start linking outside of YouTube to recruit even more views than what playlists with do for you within the platform. I can’t tell you how many times I get the comment “I just watched 200 of your videos!” I may seem like a surprise to them, but for me I know I set up my website to work that way. So if they started watching something and it was a good experience, they’re going to watch more because they likely clicked on a playlist.

Instead of trying to go “viral” why don’t you think about strategies like this when someone genuinely enjoys what you’re doing and you then take them on a ride for even more good times through the rest of your channel.

A link can make all the difference for how soon your brand is boosted to the goals you’ve set.

I talk about how to link in this way on Facebook, Twitter and on a blog. There are lots of other places to share your YouTube videos of course, so you’ll have to test the feature out where you’d prefer to spread the word and see how it works for you. Twitter was a good example of a platform that will let the link work, just not in the stream. So there may be other instances like that where you’ll need to adjust.

Are you using playlists? Did this video make you change your mind?