Content Ideas of Questions They Don’t Even Know to Ask [VIDEO]

So I learned something this week that I consider to be a little nuts. And it got me thinking about why I didn’t know that in the first place and why someone wouldn’t have taked about it at some point. So naturally, I made a video.

Did you know that that “black box” we’re always hearing about on airplanes isn’t black. I didn’t.

I learned this this week watching the news about all this airplace drama and recogized the image when it was on the screen only because the label said something about holding the recording device.

And then I thought ‘of course!’ Why would a black box be black? That would be such a pain in the ass if you were looking for it in the middle of a crash site.

A question I never thought to ask but then when I asked it I figured out the answer on my own.

Maybe there are some myths and misconceptions like that in your industry that might make it more fun for you to come up with interesting content for you blog and social media?

When you know your audience SO well that you can think of the questions they would have if they knew to ask them, you’ve got a GREAT content plan ahead of you.

So think about that. What questions may be asked less often because some people who may be a little less insightful wouldn’t know what to ask if that subject was right in front of them. When you bring things to light like this, you become a trusted source because it’s not just about being the yes man. You’re letting them know you have everything covered and will even explain something to them that may or may not be relevant but would be good for them to know.

And when you’re a consultant especially, that’s something that is a very very good characteristic to have.

What questions would your audience ask if they knew? Write down your next blog post!