The Crazy Business Idea Manual: Creativity for Sale by Jason Surfrapp [VIDEO]

You guys have met Jason Surfrapp before on The Marketing Lifestyle Show. Great guy. Smart guy. I mean, really really smart guy. He may have had a journey to get to this level of smartness, but it’s definitely a lesson you’re going to want to learn about.

So I’m reviewing his first ever book Creativity For Sale. Jason shares his story of building a million dollar business by wearing shirts and other silly things. Think your idea is crazy? Get ready.

Got a crazy idea? Jason knows all about that. I want you to comment right now if you have something in your mind that you haven’t acted on yet. Why not?!

While you’re making excuses, Jason decided to act on his silly idea of wearing t-shirts. Like literally. That’s so not real life, BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY.

The best part of the book is my favorite quote:

“How in the world will anyone know I started this company and launched this website if I don’t tell them?”

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I mean, that’s an epic statement. You probably know to start some social media accounts and share the good news, but is anyone listening? How about tapping into that network? Yes. Your mom DOES count. You gotta start somewhere right? She’s got friends, doesn’t she?

You have to be prepared to rally the troops! Even when you don’t think there are any. And Jason learned that real quick thanks to no traffic and an anti-climactic launch day. Pre-launch is key… listen to his words on this book about this!

You guys know I love Jason. We had an amazing convo on The Marketing Lifestyle Show, especially about the stuff that may not be as sezy about being a business owner. It’s stuff we need to talk about so you are fully prepared when you’re getting through the tough days. Which will be the majority! So if you’re on the fence about the book, take a listen first.

The biggest thing you should realize about this book is that it’s very entry level, which is great for people that have no idea what they’re getting into when building a business. This is all about those big, ugly hurdles in the beginning for Jason and how you can prepare yourself better by learning from him.

Check out Creativity For Sale and let me know what you think after you read it! I’m on to the next book.

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