Buffer’s Daily App Helps You Find Tweets to Share [VIDEO]

Once again the spotlight is on Buffer and the beautiful ideas they have before everyone else. I just love them! You have to try out this app they just created to make it even more easy to discover great info to share to your communities!

You’re busy. I get it. And even when sites like Buffer make it really easy for you to schedule some of your time on social media, it can be hard to make sure there’s actually something in there to go out in the times you’ve scheduled.

Well Buffer is making it even easier for you to stay tuned to what’s happening so you can share them with your peeps. First of all, when you login on the web application there are already items curated for you if your strea is empty that they think you may like to share. Hello, helpful! Thanks awesome.

And now they’re doing the same thing in a new iOS app (sorry Android… hopefully coming soon?!), which is awesome because maybe we’re on the go and need to find cool stuff quickly. An application is the way to do that.

Daily is an app that updates you once a day with the articles that are new and exciting according to the people at Buffer who are curating them. You can swipe through quickly and easily and either accept or reject the articles based on their content and relevance to add to your profile’s Buffer stream.

I suggest you take the time to READ what you’re planning on sharing, but you really don’t need to the way this works and you can easily get like 15-20 things in your Buffer stream in minutes thanks to this app. I mean, that’s really cool for us busy folk.

There are a limited number of topics of content for you to flip through at this point, including things like business/startup, inspiration, design and some others. I’m sure they’re going to grow this a bit more but it’s clear they went straight for the categories that are likely being searched and shared the most often so that the average Buffer user will immediately find it useful.

It’s a great way to make sure you’re sharing consistently awesome content through the Buffer platform and I really only suggest this for your Twitter profiles (as usual… you know I don’t like 3rd party sharing on Facebook!) There’s just not going to be an easier way to tweet greatness more easily. Get on it!

Check out Buffer’s Daily app on iOS.