How to Auto-Share Your New Blog Posts [VIDEO]

We have another message from the Amy’s Elite tribe. This one is from Brian Dane:

Do you know of a free WordPress plugin that will automatically tweet new posts and maybe even post them on other platforms?

Boy do I. Tune in to find out more.

The plugin I use for something similar to this process is called Tweet Old Post (actually as soon as I made this video, I updated the plugin and I guess it’s not called Revive Old Post because they have more than just Twitter options.) It’s great because whether the content is new or really old, it makes sure that you’re continuously promoting your stuff, even if you’re not thinking about it.

But for brand new blog posts, I don’t even use a WordPress plugin. You may remember an old video of mine about the platform IFTTT. I love this site because it combines tons of different APIs together to make beautiful and automatic recipes. Almost as good as a personal assistant if you ask me because there are so many things it does that I don’t even realize.

So here you can activate different channels and then make the work together in what they call ‘recipes’. In this instance, I have my WordPress channel activated and in a recipe with my Twitter channel. Whenever there is new activity on that WordPress login, I have formatted the type of tweet I want to go out automatically.

But remember, it’s not going to be great for everything. If you post to Facebook from IFTTT, it’s automatically going to be judged by the news feed as third party content and probably not perform as well. But using IFTTT for auto sharing to Linkedin is something I do and has kept me extremely active there without me having to login more than once per week.

So remember: Work smarter, not harder. But realize that not every easy way out is going to be worth your gain in time. (tweet it!)

Take one thing from this video and play around with IFTTT. There are so many cool recipes that you may or may not have even thought of… like sending a text to get a phone call to get you out of a conversation. Yeah. That’s cool. LOL