Never Eat Alone: Your Networking Bible [VIDEO]

I’ve been challenging myself to read a book a week and finding a way to implement a piece of advice into my work and life accordingly. Now, it’s tough to follow that schedule (especially with VidCon and the holiday dictating my schedule for a bit) but I’m so glad I’ve finally finished this one so I can tell you ALL about it.

I had heard of Never Eat Alone (affiliate link) and definitely had it on my list of books to read, but of course that’s a long list. So when I bought my new bookshelf (the latest change in the backdrop of the Triple S videos) I knew it was time to go shop for some new content to fill it up!

I’m so grateful I did (even though there are plenty of books somewhere in storage I could have used) because I saw this bright orange book jumping out and me and reminding me how important it would be for me to read it.

Keith Ferrazzi was basically born into being a great networker. His dad worked what we call a “normal job” with no desire to do differently, but smart enough to know his son was going to do greater things. He introduced his boy to his boss, asking that some sort of great knowledge be passed along to him so that he can pursue a greater life down the road. Well, you’ll read in the book how HUGE this introduction was and how it completely changed Ferrazzi’s life forever.

I’m definitely pleased to say that reading through, I’ve certainly picked up some of these habits for good networking early on in my career. But other times, I read the book and thought for sure I would know what the right answer is in a scenario and being completely wrong according to the author. Mind blowing awesome advice for how to handle people and even yourself when you’re doing things throughout your career to better your network. Personally, I’m obsessed with the dinner party idea and I can’t wait to have my first official one.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the book:

never eat alone keith ferrazzi a goal is a dream with a deadline

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

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never eat alone keith ferrazzi life is about work work is about life both are about people

“Life is about work. Work is about life. And both are about people.”

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never eat alone keith ferrazzi refrigerator rights relationships

“How many people can walk into our homes and just open up the fridge and help themselves? Not many. People need ‘refrigerator rights relationships.’The kind that are comfortable, informal and intimate enough to let us walk into each other’s kitchens and rummage through the refrigerator without asking. It is close relationships like these that keep us well adjusted, happy and successful.”

One Thing:

If you take one thing from this book, I hope you read the chapter entitled Pinging — All The Time. It’s like it was WRITTEN for use with Contactually (aff). There are a few soundbites in there that will help you better define buckets for your network and what the timeline of reaching out to them should be so that when you get your Contactually reminders to keep your network refreshed, you’ll feel like you have a better understanding of why you’re doing it and what you should say. LOVE IT! If you don’t know about Contactually, it’s a social CRM and you can watch my video about it here.

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