10: YouTubers Dom Esposito and Austin Evans on Building a Successful YouTube Channel for Search


Being an American means challenging yourself everyday to get better and rising to the occasion. So as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, I decided to really challenge myself on this episode of the Marketing Lifestyle Show. For the first time, I’m conducting the interview in person instead of on Skype. This is also the first time I’ve taken on the challenge of interviewing two guests at once, a decision I started to second guess during the Rapid Fire segment. And I upped the stakes even more by spending an hour talking about one of my favorite subjects — YouTube — with two guys who are absolutely obsessed with it: professional YouTubers Austin Evans and Dom Esposito.


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I never want to have a 10 on anything. A 10 to me is having a business where I’m not necessary.

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About Austin and Dom:

Austin Evans and Dom Esposito are a couple of tech nerds who live their lives on YouTube. Austin has been called one of the tech titans on YouTube. What started out as YouTube channel devoted to reviewing apps has evolved in the last four years to 62 million views with over 438,000 subscribers. Dom is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, who is married with a beautiful daughter and three dogs. He considers himself (in the coolest, most hipster way possible) a nerd. He loves music, photo, video, and all things technology and writes for 9to5Mac.com / 9to5Google.com, and runs the macmixing YouTube Channel.


The Chat:


A First Thing:

So here’s how cool their lives are: One day a group of tech nerds are on chatting it up on Twitter when one of them proposed doing a rap video about tech fanboys. What started out as a joke took two weeks to develop into a full fledged production that brought 10 social media buddies, some of whom had never met in person, to Los Angeles to film the Fanboy Rap. When they arrived, there was no plan, no script and no locations for shooting. Just a bunch of guys with cameras. Somehow they put together an awesome video that’s over 600,000 views on YouTube.


A Big Thing:

Here’s how you know you have an addiction to, say, YouTube. In the case of Austin and Dom, it means you never turn it off. You can’t watch a movie without scanning Twitter and checking your analytics. You have no hobbies, never read books and believe sleeping is a waste of time. When you’re talking to two of your social media pals on a podcast, in the back of your mind you’re thinking about your four next video projects. And lastly, when asked who the one living person you would most want to have coffee with, you respond “the guy who manages YouTube’s algorithms” so you can better understand how they work. And I thought I was obsessive.


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