300th Video! How I Increased Subscribers and Views in 7 Months

I’m so excited to reach my 300th episode of the Triple S. Today’s video is just like how we celebrated the 200th: reviewing the changes to the channel over this time and how my strategies helped it grow. Get ready to take notes!

Case Study:

Today the is the 300th episode of the series only 7 months from our 200th video milestone. We haven’t missed a day of our 3 day a week schedule and it has been AWESOME.

At that point of 200 videos, I had obtained about 4,700 YouTube subscribers and a lifetime view count of about 188,000.

Fast forward to today’s video and I’ve reached around 14,500 subscribers for the YouTube channel and 634,000 views. 

Progress: This is really exciting because it means that 67% of the subscribers I’ve accumulated and 70% of the views have all happened in the last 7 months. Continued proof of structure and consistency and how it can help you grow, in addition to some creativity along the way.

Popular Content:

There were a few videos that contributed greatly to the growth of my YouTube channel. First place goes to MKBHD and Austin Evans on Networking at CES2014. This one made a difference for a couple reasons:

  • Austin and Marques have incredibly loyal and massive followings on YouTube, one of the biggest selling points of doing collaboration videos to organically grow your own following.
  • I spoke with them about things that they wouldn’t usually talk about. It might have even seemed a little uncomfortable for them even though we know each other because they usually talk tech and I needed to get them into a marketing frame of mind to make content that fits in with my channel.
  • They commented and engaged the conversation which truly helps to move the needly on content as well.

Second place goes to the Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2013 and in third we have Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Musical Book Review. The recap video was my YouTube trailer so that helped introduce people to my content and therefore got a lot of views. And then of course when you do a musical book review you intrigue people, so there’s that.


Always keep in mind that your structure and consistency are VITAL to your channel, but you also want to change things up sometimes and collaborate with other really smart and cool people so your audience is always getting there fair share of a nice surprise by being a loyal follower of your brand.