Twitter Accounts: Should You Have More Than One?

People often ask me why I have two Twitter accounts or if I recommend if they have more than one. It’s different for everyone because of personal brands vs. professional brands, but I at least wanted to explain my story and give an idea of why I have @Schmittastic and @SavvySexySocial.

So I’ve been on Twitter for some time on the Schmittastic account. That’s my personal Twitter and I have a great following over there that has been hanging with me since before I even decided to start working in this industry.

So naturally when I started the Savvy Sexy Social platform I wanted to own that name on Twitter and therefore started posting there as well.

And it worked out great because I wanted that to be a very focused group of people who follow the vlog and then keep doing the personal thing on Schmittastic.

But I mean, I am my content. So I’ve questioned over time the fact that I have to two accounts. Really. What’s the point?

It just got difficult for me to decide to get rid of one of them because I think there are perks to having a branded account and perks to having my original personal account.

And it’s obviously working out with the audience because even though I have  a similar number of followers on each account, there are only 1000 people who are following both. So that’s a large audience when you combine them and I wouldn’t want to abandon either one. Moving people to a new account is SO hard. Just not even an option.

Does this mean you need two Twitters? I mean it’s really up to you. But if you’re building a brand and your personality is a big part of it, you really don’t need two accounts. You should be absolutely killing it on just one.

The main thing you need to know in this case for yourself is what is the purpose of each account? Are they different? Or are they basically the same. This should give you your answer.

Especially to those people who come to me and have 10-1000 followers on a Twitter account and think they may need a second, what’s the point? You should appreciate the following you have and make it EASY for them to keep up with you and your work. Not spread them out and make it complicated. That’s one thing I kind of regret.

I don’t know if my scenario helped you decide, but for you solopreneurs who are really a personal brand I hope you keep it simple and only have one Twitter account. You’ll find you’ll be much faster on the track to a great online presence that’s simple and easy for your audience to understand to stay tuned for.

How many accounts to do you have? Why? Share in the comments!