8: It’s Time for a Podcasting “Selfie”: About Amy Schmittauer


I am so incredibly grateful to everybody who watches me on YouTube, listens to my podcasts and reads my blogs. Thanks for finding and sharing me with your connections. As my audience grows, I got to thinking: What do you know about me? Do you wonder about my how I got to this point? Why do I do what I do? In a one-take 45 minutes monologue, I answer those questions in this episode of The Marketing Lifestyle Show while playing with a sound effects app and trying to find a hobby. Riveting, right?


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My ‘Why’: I wake up when I want, eat when I want, workout anytime & get my dog’s nails done at 3 pm

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About me, Amy:

Here’s my career in a nutshell: I’ve lived my entire life in Columbus, Ohio, and never wanted to go elsewhere. I studied political science at Ohio State and planned to enroll in law school. Then I changed my mind about law school, but worked several years in the public policy arena. Along the way I discovered digital marketing and realized my passion for online video and branding could be a business. To transition from Plan A to Plan B, I took a copywriter job that totally sucked, leaving after two months. That’s when I had that conversation with myself that all risk-taking entrepreneurs have: I could return to a world of working for others or I could be free. I started on my own in March 2011 and the rest, as they say, is history.


The Chat:


A First Thing:

Here are a few things I’ve learned about starting a business. Your first clients are taking a huge risk because you have no credibility yet. Reduce that risk by giving away business. The invoices get bigger with each new client. You need to do something different than what others like you are doing. As soon as you are hit with the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate even while you’re working that regular job. While working at the law firm, I used my vacation time to attend marketing conferences. I networked with people in the biz every chance I got. Therefore, the day I opened my business, I had clients.


A Big Thing:

I believe everything you do in life will pay you back somehow. So I strongly urge you to never blow off anybody who asks for help or advice, just because you “do it for a living.” Sometimes you have to use your knowledge and skills and receive nothing in return but a ton of gratitude. But someday, the net result of those charitable actions will have a huge impact on your life and your business.


Book Recommendation:

  • Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker
  • MINE! Whenever it actually gets published 🙂


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