Why You Need A Blog

This one is for all of you guys who have been active members of Savvy Sexy Social but still have friends who are avoiding content creation to grow brand awareness. Send those people this video today!

We all have friends, and probably once were the people, who are avoiding blogging and online content creation completely. And you just look at them with a smile on your face like they’re cray cray.

I ain’t mad at those people! They just need a little guidance, which is what I’m providing in this 5 minute video today.

What is a blog anyway?

This funny little word starting coming around and everyone in business wanted to stay as far away from it as possible, knowing it was a bunch of amateur publishers trying to get famous on the Internet and their brand couldn’t possibly be associated with that.

Until it was the greatest thing to happen online in regards to everyday people providing value to other users.

Blog is short for “weblog” because it would be even more annoying if we had to say “weblog” all the time, right? The basic idea is that it describes a functionality of updates in chronological order. This could be a page of your website. It could be a social network. It could be a YouTube channel. When you post something new, it shows up as new.

On a blog, you want to focus on things that are topics of value for your target audience. A lot of brands want to start talking about themselves on the blog, and although case studies may be a good exception to this (I actually post this way on my business blog) you’re not likely to have people find you via search. Which is the main reason we want to use a blog.

“But Amy! Why would I share value that only I know on my blog to let my audience take that info for free and then never return to hire for my assistance?”

I love how much credit you show to humanity. People love to say they’re going to do something themselves. They’re going to lose weight themselves. They’re going to quit smoking themselves. They’re going to start a website themselves. All that fun stuff.

Then they look up how to do it on the Internet and the site that helped them the most gives them some techniques to go and get those results. But when the consistency and difficulty rear their ugly head, the user needs help. And they refer BACK to the thought leader that helped them in the first place.

Don’t you want to be that search results that helped someone get the smallest result so they’ll count on you for what’s next?

ACTION: If someone sent you this video, ask them what they would want to know about your industry that you could tell them and have that be your first blog post. Maybe you have it on your website (ideal) or maybe you just post something on a Tumblr page or on Facebook. Either way, give it a try and find out the feedback people have about it so you can plan for more value creation that will boost your brand.