The Best No-Distractions Reader App

The Internet is full of distractions, and I’m sure I’m not breaking news with that statement. But it’s really important to find the environments online where we feel more productive in our every day work. This is one of those tried-and-true tools that helps me make that happen.

A lot of people ask how I stay up to date on all things new and noteworthy in my industry, because it does change quite frequently, and I’m also busy working with my Vlog Boss Studios clients, making videos here and being an all around social media frenzy.

It’s a good question, but there’s really no secret. If you want to be able to do something, you need to make the time for it and set it up for yourself in the most productive way.

That’s why when I’m keeping up with blog posts and websites and the news they share in marketing, business and social media I send all the information I want to know to a reader app call Pocket.

Last week I talked a lot about Feedly and how I get content from there to send content to my Buffer App, but I’m also selecting choice articles there that I want to spend more time taking in and thoroughly reading to send to Pocket for when I have the time to focus on that.

Even though I subscribe to everything in Feedly, it’s just not a productive place to read posts because there are so many things calling my attention around. By sending the articles to Pocket, it gives me a nice environment to read, where all the surrounding things that would typically be on a webpage are no longer around and I’m looking at a very clean page with just the copy and in-article photos that the author wanted me to see.

You defintely want to keep in mind that, once again, you want additional functionality for your web browser so you can easily send any page on the web to your Pocket upon demand. This is the Google Chrome extension I use for my browser.

Get your list of things to read and then make the time to keep up so you can be at the top of your game in your industry!