Top 5 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter [VIDEO]

Gotta love the videos that answer the biggest questions of all, right? How many times have you asked this? Here are the best ways to ACT and get more followers on Twitter.

1. Share Value

Everyone’s audience is different and the faster you start sharing value for your targeted, ideal followers the more likely they’re going to find you an click the “follow” button. It doesn’t matter if the value is in the form of linked content, interesting information, quotes, jokes, etc. The best use of 140 characters is to share something worth sharing.

If you’re still unsure, here is a video I did about wanted content vs. commercial. You don’t want to mix them up!

2. Optimize with Hashtags

The best way to get in front of a larger audience is to go to the conversation directly where it’s happening. Hashtags are a great tool for this because they will publish your tweet to not only your audience but the audience following that conversation. And that could be a lot of people. So if you’re following the first step and then adding a relevant hashtag conversation to the tweet, you just exposed yourself to a targeted group who many find you worth a follow.

Still need some advice on hashtags? Check out my Hashtag Refresh video.

3. Tell People You Tweet

This may come as a shock, but social media is only a part of the conversation. It could be the continuation after you meet someone in real life. There are so many ways to let people know on and offline that they should follow along with your Twitter activity. When you guest post, let people know they should follow you on Twitter as the call to action. When you print you business cards, add your Twitter handle as a main feature of connecting with you. Small things like this will get your handle out there to people who want to keep in touch based on the value you’ve been providing. (Oops! There’s step 1 again! See a trend?)

Know what goes hand-in-hand with this? Knowing how to talk about yourself when you’re networking. It will help get your name (and Twitter handle) out there even more!

4. Join a Tribe

There are plenty of ways for people to rally together and agree to help with cross-promotional efforts. It’s a win-win for everyone. Find people who want to increase their presence as well and get a tribe together to help get everyone on each other’s radar and retweet and share stuff with indivdual audiences. This is a targeted way for you to get more followers on Twitter who will appreciate your value based on the social proof of someone they already follow. You can find groups that already exist for this purpose, especially in blogging, on Triberr.

If you’re still not sure about tribes and how they work, check out the tribe we have for Vlog Every Day in April/August. A great way to get your videos out there and a similar technique could be used to get more Twitter followers.

5. Join the Conversation

Don’t try to find the cure. Just act! There are so many people who just want to get more followers on Twitter but they aren’t working with the ones they have. Or at least treating like their account like anyone’s listening. You should be as active in the beginning as you would be with an audience because that’s how they find out if you’re worth the follow. Look for conversations that are already happening through hashtags, trending topics and especially things that are relevant to your industry and join the conversation. Really! It’s not frowned upon on Twitter. It’s encouraged.

My advice? Schedule 15 minutes a day to just connect with people.


Follow this advice and get more followers. But more importantly, get more value from Twitter!