6: TV Star James Rhine on Turning Personality Into Business


The greatest first impression ever made to me was delivered by today’s guest, James Rhine. A contestant on two seasons of the hit reality show “Big Brother,” James helped me experience the Vegas nightlife when I was there for the Consumer Electronics Show in January. We started out having a drink and before I knew it I was dancing til the early hours just inches away from Nick Cannon, husband of Mariah Carey and host of “America’s Got Talent.” Talk about an experience! In this episode, James talks about his career as marketing director of one of the hottest clubs in Sin City as well as the evolution of his personal brand since hitting the mainstream through reality television.

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The great thing about Vegas is there’s a lot of money to be made here, but you have to work your ass off for it.

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About James:

Today our guest on TMLS is James Rhine, reality show star, actor, model, producer, writer and marketing guru. The Miami native was a houseguest on Season 6 of “Big Brother,” where he set a then record for for the most Power-of-Veto wins with four. He returned the following year for an All-Star season. After co-hosting a Chicago-based digital talk show, he joined friends in Las Vegas to work as a bartender. Within weeks, the club’s corporate parent hired him as a marketing director. Today, James is living the marketing lifestyle like a boss in Vegas as marketing director for one of the country’s leading hospitality development and management companies.


The Chat:


A First Thing:

No different than with other products and services, marketing a Vegas nightclub requires the building and nurturing of relationships. But that’s where the similarities between most marketing jobs and his career end. He spends three nights a week minimum in his club, hanging out until almost sunrise. He’s surrounded at all times by big personalities with tons of cash. If he shows up at the office wearing the same clothes as the day before, nobody blinks.


A Big Thing:

Once a brand has been established, it’s challenging for that brand to evolve or alter itself. James is finding that out with his personal brand. Though “Big Brother” opened a lot of doors, he wants to be known for his other talents, especially his accomplishments as a marketing director. But his social media followers seem more interested in his thoughts on the show’s current season than on his views of current events. Many of his fans may not realize he reads philosophy, follows politics and counts former President Ronald Reagan as one of his biggest influences.



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