Why YouTube Views Are Declining (and How to Recover) :: Response to Wheezy Waiter [VIDEO]

I am a big fan of Wheezy Waiter, a very popular YouTube creator. And he took the time last week to talk about YouTube views and the current trend that is happening with his channel in their decline. Extremely relevant content to this audience I thought I would chime in on to help you figure out how you can survive from the same problems.

There were a few reasons, ideas, issues, etc. that Wheezy Waiter brought to the table for why he thinks his average YouTube views are changing and on the decline currently. So I wanted to talk about them each individually.

1) YouTube Views Are Being Counted Differently

This is a good argument, although I don’t think it’s the bulk of the issue for people who make good content. This is definitely something YouTube has been working on so that if you’re trying to bait people with a thumbnail or a title that is not relevant at all to what you’re talking about in the video, you’ll be found out by the number of people who come to your video and then leave immediately.

If YouTube is no longer counting these as views for videos then that’s a great thing, but I really doubt this is a substantial case for Wheezy or other great creators because they’re not trying to play games with search. They make the content they love to make and the audience knows that. Even if they’re just finding them.

You can see what this drop off looks like for you because your audience retention in the analytics will give you information about when people start leaving you video. So if you’re seeing a big drop in the first few seconds then you likely are missing a lot of views that never even registered and your content is not doing well with even those views that are.

2) YouTube’s Subscription Platform Has Changed

I think this is a great argument because how you get subscriptions on YouTube seems to be changing constantly. So if you subscribed a lot of channels early on and knew exactly how to find their stuff and that’s changed quite a bit in the last few years, you’re probably losing track of some of those subscriptions and they’re losing your views.

Also, you’re not just seeing what your subscriptions are uploading in your stream. YouTube wants you to know what they liked, favorited, added to a playlist, etc. And it’s all get very dilluted when it comes to just the actual uploads.

A way of preventing this issue is to always keep in mind that you should be asking people to take important calls to action in addition to the number games. This is why I ask you to join my email list (because I own that information) in addition to asking you to subscribe to the channel (an arbitrary number that may or may not mean a thing.)

3) YouTube is a Bigger Pond

This is actually great news because it means more people are making video and making it well. But it also means that the dillutedness I talked about earlier is going to get even more complicated with it being a bigger pond. Even for those with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and have been around for a long time.

Again. you need to get those people to stand tuned with you in a more committed way so you’re not just counting on the rented space of YouTube.

4) Your Content is Getting Worse

This may be the case with some people who get comfortable, but with Wheezy this just can’t be true. His video skills are crazy awesome and that’s just the way it is.

5) Same Old Same Old Channel

So maybe your content isn’t getting worse but are you continuing it make it better. Better enough that people want to keep coming back and they don’t feel like the whole thing is going to be very redundant. Are you always bringing more value and getting better?

With the competition on YouTube the way it is, you must keep improving. Even if it’s just little steps on your way. It’s a great way to look back and see the reinvention that’s taken place.

6) The View Monster Ate the Views

I like this argument from Wheezy the most. 🙂

What do you think about the trending views on YouTube? How is your channel performing? Share in the comments!