My Morning Routine

Everyone wants to know what everyone does in their daily life to get their productivity going and accomplish the most amount of success possible. Well, if you’re interested in what that looks like for me, I’m sharing my average morning routine in today’s video.

I actually do quite a bit before I get out of bed because it’s the most comfortable place in the world. Here’s how I kick off everyday:

1. Check Instagram

There are so many beautiful and motivating photos being shared on Instagram so I always want to check and feel all that loveliness first thing in the morning because it’s a way to put a smile on your face when you’re still trying to figure out if you even want to get out of bed yet. I also love to follow fitness accounts and they motivate me to make sure I get my workout in every day.

2. Check Twitter and other news

Gotta know what’s happening in the world so you can pivot in your life and business accordingly. So important to stay in the know!

3. Check daily schedule

I’m notorious for screwing up my schedule so knowing what I have to do and what time every appointment or task is taking place that day is majorly important. I literally have to study it for a few minutes so I make sure everything sinks in and I understand fully what I need to do to have a successful day and be on time.

4. 5 Minute Journal

I love this iOS app that has you do quick journal entries every morning and night. This is the last thing that I do before I get out of bed because it makes you talk about what your goals are for the day and what your affirmations are. The last great piece of motivation that will really make you jump out of bed and pursue your dream.

5. Skin care regimine and vitamins

I take skin care very seriously (you would too if you saw your face in HD video 3 times a week or more). So I have a routine that I go through every morning. It’s good for my skin but it also energizes my face which helps me energize the rest of me to move on to the next thing. No one like walking around with face crusties that the sandman left for you. I mean, it’s cute but not when you’re trying to talk to people and look awake and ready to go. Also, vitamins are very important because you know, I’m sometimes on that entrepreneur diet. Eating whenever I can! So I gotta get my nutrients as many ways as possible.

6. Coffee and Oatmeal

Breakfast of champions! These are my must-haves to get going for the day. Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast because I eat an extremely healthy version (not the processed packets) so that makes me feel good and know that I’ve already started making healthy decisions for my day so hopefully it stays that way. Coffee… I need no explanation there. do I?

7. Video Edit

I usually have a video due most days so I like to edit in the morning. I’ve just gotten into this swing of things in the last few months and it makes me feel like I busted out something great first thing and that leads to being very focused on slamming out more awesome (and possibly daunting) tasks the rest of my working hours. You should probably have your editing down to a science before you do this so you’re not late on your deadline, but this is something that works for me because of that.

8. Lucy Time

By this point, Lucy is awake and ready for her routine. We got outside for her business and then I take care of her breakfast.

9. Email

Not that the video is publishing and Lucy has been out, I check my email. I don’t like to check before this point because I don’t want anything to steer me away from my routine that may seem urgent. If it’s a major emergency, you would have known about it already. That’s what the phone was originally created for, you know. So email comes when I’m ready. Not when everyone else is.

10. Workout

Even though I would love to be a first-thing-in-the-morning type of workout girl, I’m not. I just love to workout mid-morning. It’s when I perform the best and I feel good because I’m already half way done with my day’s workload so I can relax and exert energy during that time accordingly. I like to run and do yoga. More the latter recently.

11. Shower/Lunch

Time to get ready with hair, makeup and wardrobe now that the workout is done and then I eat a little lunch so I can pursue the rest of my day!

What does your routine look like? Share in the comments!