Branding Basics for Small Business [VIDEO]

Well I said I wanted to publish a book, right? So does this count? haha I’m so excited that my friend Maria Ross wanted to interview me for her 2nd edition of Branding Basics for Small Business!

Branding is a really important piece of marketing your company and it’s funny how many brands actually confuse this topic with other things… like social media.

A lot of clients come to me and want branding advice and it’s certainly something I can speak to, especially in a personal branding sense, and sometimes I actually do work with people on this on a coaching basis. But the social media clients who hire me may think they signed up for a lot more advice than they think because they think social media marketing and branding (mainly in the digital sense) are the same thing.

And they very much are not.

But Maria and I got to talk about this in her latest edition of Branding Basics for Small Business and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re having trouble knowing your company brand.

And by the way, is this the coolest idea ever? Writing a book and curating advice from industry professionals to help you have the best advice in one resource while not having to write every single word from your own brain? Brilliant!

This is content curation at its best and if you think you can’t create long or even short form content because you don’t “know enough”, then you should defintely think about this idea for yourself. Hone in on what you know BEST and then bring in others to round it out with the stuff you aren’t as advanced in. You’ll build your expertise as a connector and thought leader all at the same time.

Check out Branding Basics for Small Business (affiliate link)