Snapchat Puts the Chat in its OWN NAME (Finally) [VIDEO]

So, it’s no secret that I thought Snapchat was real dumb in the beginning and then quickly changed my mind. People clearly love their privacy. But there was still something a little janky about the network that didn’t make it feel worth using so I only did sparingly. But recently, Snapchat made some updates that actually make sense and put the “chat” in their own name.

Being able to quickly and easily share photso and videos with friends that didn’t stay on Google to remember forever and ever has been a wonderful thing on Snapchat that has made it a rising star in the social communities. But there was still something missing.

Most people just blast out their photos and the conversation doesn’t really have anywhere to go. You would think that Snapchat wants the back and forth of sharing to continue once something was started to encourage more use of the platform for, well, conversation.

And it turns out they do. Snapchat announced a new version of the app recently that puts the chat exactly where it needs to be: on their social network. Now when you share photos and videos, you can have a one-on-one conversarion in a little chat room (like with texting). The best part? You can now send disappearing texts as well. Funny, right? That that wasn’t included initially.

I think this is a great thing for them, because it’s clearly the items that the competitors coming out have covered. If you’re going to be the biggest and first, you need to be the best too. So if new features from your competitors are a good idea: adjust. And that’s what they did.