Your Velvet Rope Policy for Linkedin

Linkedin is a wonderful place where we can all be social while also not feeling bad about being professional and learning how we can better ourselves in our career. It’s great. But this leads to people not having a clue how to actually use it, much less in a way that would make people want to work with you. So I have an idea for you to better your Linkedin presence right away.

My policy on Linkedin is that I’m happy to connect with anyone. Go ahead. Add me and you’ll see. It’s an opportunity for me to offer up my network to those who are trying to grow and that’s cool with me.

But a lot of people don’t have a clue how to grow on Linkedin other than to just add a bunch of people as connections. That’s as strategy as it gets. This comes in handy for me though because if you wanted to link with me and I find I want to meet someone you’re linked up with, I’m going to ask you for an intro. Because I know how to use the network to the fullest potential.

I’m also giving you an opportunity in that moment to be a connector. Which is good for you. So it’s a good thing you linked with me. But that’s not the whole point here. It’s just the scratch of the Linkedin surface.

You should really be thinking about how you can also make your Linkedin account special for certain people. Maybe you’re connecting with anyone and everyone, but you’re also letting the good eggs know what’s up and how to take their next action.

Offer a Linkedin Velvet Rope Policy

We have this great ability to be publishers on Linkedin now. You can write content that lives on the platform.

Why not use that as an opportunity to let people know what you’re looking for in your business and how you how they might be able to help you. But also, how you hope to be able to provide value to them. What are your interests? Either business or personal. How do you want to get people connected? What resources do you have?

It’s such an openly business vibe on Linkedin that this type of content would fit in perfectly with how people decide to interact with you from the point your connect on. Why not make it clear of how they can make their best move that would help you both?

You shouldn’t just want to grow your network. You should also be able to rope it off and network more effectively. The red velvet rope policy, inspired by the same policy talked about in Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Love that book. Love the policy. And it should be used in everything you do to build your brand.