VEDA: Advice For A Successful Month of Vlogging

It’s that fabulous day of the year when we kick off all things crazy, humorous and challenging! No not April Fool’s Day. The first day of Vlog Every Day in April! Thanks to those of you who are already signed up! If you’re just joining us today or are late to the party, feel free to put your name on the list! We aren’t strict about the rules around here.

Today I wanted to provide some pointers to help you have a successful month of vlogging.

Get ready for the excuses. The crappy lighting. The brain farts. The tounge twisters. The TROLLS! Haha just kidding. It’s not that bad. If you want to have a successful month of vlogging every day, here is what I would advise:

1. Vlog In Advance

Hey. As long as the vlog is there every day, it counts! So if you think you’re going to have a tough time fitting in a time to talk to the camera tomorrow, get it done early! No one is going to freak out on you because this is about proving you can provide consistent content no matter what.

2. Don’t Quit

We all miss a day here and there. Please don’t step away from the camera when this happens! Again, it is to get you acquainted with being able to talk to a camera and the whole concept of doing it daily is to make sure you get that practice. So if you think 28 out of 30 is bad, you’re wrong! It’s amazing! Keep vlogging and people will continue to cheer you on throughout your journey. Which by the way, they’re taking too and could use your support when they’re waivering! It’s a team effort.

3. KISS = Keep It SHORT, Stupid

There are a lot of people in the community who want to watch every video, so do them a favor if you want to keep them on for your whole video and keep it short. The fact of the matter is that long videos (unless longform content and intentional) don’t perform well on YouTube. So get to your point and prove you can make a quick and effective video during this process.

4. Have a Full Face of Makeup

4. Start Thinking About Talking to a Person Rather Than a Camera

The better you are at tailoring your content for your audience the more authentic it will feel. And that shines through when you’re talking to a camera like it’s a person. It takes a lot of pressure off when you act like yourself as if you’re with a good friend. Work on that throughout the month and you will truly get the results you’re hoping for from this challenge.

Good luck with #SSSVEDA! Share below if you’re new and if you’re a veteran give your best tip!