Target Your Audience with Niche Social Apps

You know how we’re all on our phones all the time? Yeah. It’s a thing. Social apps of all kinds of the rage for people on their iPhone and Android devices (yes, I know there are others). How are you doing more than just tweeting and Facebooking to get attention from your audience? How could you be digging into these niche networks to make greater relationships for your brand?

I was having a lovely glass of wine the other night and I was excited to take a picture of the bottle and post it on my new favorite social app: Delectable. A great little community for sharing your imbibes and posting notes about why you did or didn’t like. Great for a new lover of the science of wine like myself to be able to look at something and remember the types of qualities and regions that I like.

Well I posted my update that night and to my surprise a couple hours later a had a notification from the app that the vineyard I chose to drink that night “liked” my update. I was like cool! I remember when brands doing this on Twitter was this groundbreaking thing and now it’s totally whatever. But in these niche social networks where it’s truly people who are communicating about a common love, it felt just a little more special.

And that brand is a total favorite of mine. Not just because of that but because I do love their product. It got me thinking though, that not enough brands are digging into these niche networks to find smaller audiences of people who they can make a more meaningful relationship with on a faster timeline than the big bad social networks of choice.

Fashion brands could be joining Pose or Trendabl. Anyone with a documentary or web series could be on TV Tag (formerly known as Get Glue). What about fitness gurus who can find motivated people on Runkeeper or Fitbit? There are so many options but most brands are putting time into the bigger and better networks that take so much more to stand out in.

Have you gone searching in your app stores to find people talking about what you love? How can you bump up your game easily with these opportunities thanks to the millions of app developers and social network creators of our day? There are so many opportunities.