What is “Above The Fold” and Why You Need To Take Advantage

Last week during Shoot The Schmitt, as I was critiquing a bunch of your websites, it became clear that many of you are not aware of how important it is to have certain items “above the fold” as we marketing geeks say. Let’s talk about it, okay?

What does “above the fold” mean?

This is simple terminology explaining the real estate of a website that is within sight for a visitor PRIOR to doing any scrolling. Anything you have to scroll to get to is below the fold.

A lot of visitors will do a search, click on your site and the leave instantly without checking things out if you don’t have the right information for them above the fold. So this are of your website is crucial for that reason. It’s kind of like the 10 second rule on YouTube… you don’t have much time to convince someone to stay.

What to do with this area of your website

There are some important things that will be in the section already because most sites are designed this way. Like your logo. A menu of options. Maybe even a quick “About Us” blurb. But one of the things that should always be there that many businesses completely underestimate is where you collect value.

For SavvySexySocial.com that’s our email opt in box. You’ll notice it is ALWAYS in the upper right hand of the sidebar on every page of the site (unless it’s a landing page with another critical call to action). This is where I want you do go! (hint hint) So if that’s important to me and I need to make that clear to you, my website visitor, I need to put it somewhere that you’re not going to miss, not to mention above the fold.

Don’t make people search for the important stuff

In the absolutely amazing case that someone wants to subscribe to you and is looking for that information because it’s not right in their face, you’re losing too many opportunities. Most people give up quickly. A lot more never even bother to look if they don’t see it in the first place. Make it easy to be a part of your community by putting your value collector (whatever it is for your brand) in a clear location, before the scroll action takes place.



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