A Technique to Make Your Site a Little More Fun

Personality is always something we’re reaching for in this social media age. In this week’s Sexy Wednesday, I’m sharing a fun idea that will make it a little less painful to go through the usual page encounters a website visitor experiences.

You know you’ve read a million of them. Those silly pages that state the obvious when you land on a page.

“Welcome to our About page. Here’s some information about us.”

“You just landed on a 404 error. Click here to go back.”

“Thanks for signing up for our newletter!”

These are some of your greatest opportunities to think outside of the box a little bit and let people see what your brand personality is really like. How can you tweak some of these statements to really reflect the type of company you want to be known for: a fun one!

“WOW! Thanks for being interested in learning more about our company. We’re flattered. :)”

“404 is the secret password! Store it in a safe place so you don’t forget. Also, click here.”

“Don’t waste one more second! We just sent you a very important email and if you don’t check it… well… it will be there when you’re ready. ;)”

Have fun with it! Jive up your website and lower your bounce rate by making it a more intriguing place to hang out!