MORE Blog Comments Please

I got a great question from Mary via email (she’s an Elite, of course) and I wanted to share my answer with all of your. Blog comments are obviously one of the first signs of an active community on a website, but how important are they really?

Mary asked:

“I have a blog and a YouTube channel. While I don’t have much trouble getting discussions going on my channel, I have little to no engagement in the comments section of my blog. When someone does comment, I always respond and often times that will turn into a long discussion between that one commenter and myself.

Most frequently, though, my discussions occur privately via email, which start when someone contacts me via a contact form on my website. Although I don’t mind writing each person individually, I really wish these conversations were occurring publicly because I think so many other people could benefit from reading them…

Also, I want to keep people coming back to my website for the latest articles versus just my YouTube channel or my Facebook page. How do I get more comments on my actual website? Do you think it is a good idea to publish email conversations (with that person’s permission, of course)? I have already tried asking a question at the end of the post, inviting comments, etc. and all I’m getting is crickets…”

Blog Comments… They’re just so NICE!

I completely understand why Mary feels this way. It’s hard to get conversation going as it is, much less in the location you really want it to be happening. Blog comments have always had quite the struggle because it’s just not something people naturally do. Maybe commenting on YouTube is a give, but feeling so “into” a piece of content on a website that you want to create/log in with credentials and comment is another story.

Are you really stressing the importance of the comments on your blog enough? Better question, how much is it really going to help you blog’s presence and growth if they do comment there? You really need to prioritize what this act means to you and if it truly is the BIG CTA that you want to make viewers aware of, you need to make it a compelling reason for them to act.

Is that your true call-to-action, though?

I on the other hand don’t think blog comments are that big of a deal. Compared to my YouTube channel, my blog also looks like crickets. But I’m not worried about that. I know people will comment if they really want to and I’ll respond to let them know I’m listening. But the big ask for me is that people join my email list. And there, they will have direct access to email me anytime with questions. Which I will use, much like this one, in a video so everyone can learn from our struggles.

You may not need someone’s permission if you let them be completely anonymous. Or if you let someone know you want to use it and you do have their permission, they may feel even more of an advocate of your brand and that helps you grow even more.

The reality…

The thing is blog comments are a nice aesthetic for impression. But they don’t have to define whether you’re a success or not. I would reevaluate how important this is to you and make sure you’re asking your audience do so something that really moves the needle.