What Facebook Ads Really Get You

A very popular channel on YouTube that likes to expose the truth of things recently uploaded a video about Facebook Ads and their actual effect on a brand page. I thought this was a briliant representation of what’s happening and so I’m sharing those feelings with you for this Social Thursday episode. If you’re wondering whether you’re going to get what you want out of Facebook Ads, this is the video for you (actual the video about a video… just for you).

Veritasium posted a video about Facebook Fraud and it definitely caught a lot of attention in the social media sphere. Anytime you talk about Facebook Ads and how they are completely bull crap, you’re going to get a lot of people on your side. That said, it does affect businesses if they don’t understand what they’re really getting when they buy into these things. So I wanted to address.

The reality of the situation, as you’ll see in this very well done video, is that the system is flawed. Like many. And just because you buy likes legally and you do get likes in return, doesn’t mean those people are going to help you with your engagement levels and truly be a return on your investment.

Superficial numbers can always be inflated, but when you are counting on all those “people” to be there for you when you’re selling a product or just getting people to say they know you exist and want to hang out in your network, it’s a change of story.

I never say not to do something if you haven’t tested it. You’ll never know the return unless you try it first. Just know what’s happening and do your research if you really want to grow your likes on Facebook. That may sound like a the answer to all your prayers, but I can tell you it’s really not unless those are the troops you’ve rallied who will advocate for you until the end. Oh… but only if Facebook thinks your content is kick ass too.

What do you think about this controversy?