Facebook Paper App (and Happy 10th Anniversary!)

It’s a big milestone for Facebook this week, so let’s celebrate them. Even if they are a big pain the rear for marketing sometimes.

A very happy anniversary to Facebook this week as it has achieved its 10th year in operation. Can you believe that? Think about all the social networks that have failed over and over. Making it to 10 years is truly an acheivement in this industry.

They may be a royal pain when it comes to getting your message to your audience and it’s been a rollercoaster of adjustments in all the time we’ve been using it for that reason, but still something admirable and proof that the network truly is still very relevant.

Take notes from Facebook as they are celebrating their milestones, because the first thing they did was come out with two features for its users to help them celebrate the occasion along with the platform.

Facebook Lookback

If you head to Facebook.com/Lookback, you’ll see a quick video that you can share with your network of what your history on Facebook has looked like. Everything from random photos to most popular posts.

Facebook Paper

Not only that, but Facebook came out with a new app. Because there aren’t enough of those. Facebook Paper is the new download available on iOS for you to use Facebook in a new way. 

A very close competitor with Flipboard, Facebook Paper is an app that allows you to view your Facebook friends and follows in a more visually friendly fashion. More like you’re going through an experience than scrolling through a feed. You can also integrate news from several industries, just like Flipboard, which will help you discover more content then just those things you follow on Facebook. Facebook is the only social network you can focus on however, where Flipboard allows you to integrate many social networks.

What do you think of the new app? Do you like it better than the current Facebook app or are you not impressed? Share in the comments!