Lamarr Wilson on Sexy Exhibit Booths

I asked you on my Facebook wall what you wanted me to check out at CES this year and I loved Doug Scudder’s suggestion:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.18.44 PM

“Tips on how to make the most out of booth space at an event like CES. What grabs your attention while you’re walking the floor?”

Lamarr Wilson, tech lifestyle vlogger on YouTube, and myself take on this question in this Sexy Wednesday episode from the Samsung Smart Lounge.

I absolutely loved this topic because it’s something I definitely think about as I’m touring a show floor but having this discussion opened my eyes to a lot of the small stuff that really does draw people in that marketers may not think about.

Okay let’s start with the big winners: Charging stations, Wi-Fi and Seating! These are huge when you’re dealing with people who are on their feet all day long and constantly using their phone or executing blog content. Anytime you can offer a place to take care of all of these things, you’re going to be a popular station.

Booth babes are definitely a big one at a tech conference in particular. I mean, when you know your audience you know your audience. Men love booth babes. So if you can get them to entice people to come to your booth, it’s a win. A lot of places this is just a typical thing though so it may not be the most amazing thing because it’s typical. Regardless of whether the booth babe effect is right for your audience, you can probably think of something that will work for you and you should think about it if you want to be more than a station of pamphlets and demos.

Free food and drinks! A big one. When you can offer someone a beer to relax and get to know you and your product, that can be a good thing. I particularly love free popcorn because it’s so yummy and easy to carry and munch on so that’s a great idea for enticing me to your booth. Definitely think about feeding your visitors because they will hang around.

Lamarr loves the sitting. We talked about this a lot. It’s seriously so much work to walk around and do all this networking, learning, coverage, etc. So bringing in some comfy counches is not something we can stress enough!

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