MKBHD and Austin Evans on Networking at CES2014

Wow! Back from the Consumer Electronics Show and I’m so excited to share all the fun videos I got for you this year. Let’s kick it off with the coolest techies I have the pleasure of hanging out with, my Savvy Tuesday guests Marques Brownlee and Austin Evans. In this video, I’m asking them the hard questions about how they take advantage of events like CES to build their network.

CES is an obvious choice for these tech YouTubers when it comes to events they must attend to provide valuable content for their audience, but what I wanted to know what their strategy is for getting to know all the people they meet throughout.

The keyword of the video was certainly collaboration. Not surprising from a couple of YouTubers but they really loved the opportunity to work with people at this event to create content across mediums. When you get to take advantage of the time you have together in person and break out the camera, you can accomplish a lot of great cross-promotion that your audience will love to tune in for.

Relationships are really important as a YouTuber, as both Marques and Austin talk about here. So being able to meet other content creators is a great opportunity for all, no matter the size of their audience.

Business cards… an important thing to bring to a conference (as I talked about last week). But did these guys bring any or are they completely winging it? Well it turns out Marques brought a couple and Austin didn’t bring any at all. I always preach you shouldn’t be dumping business cards anywhere someone might find it. They are strictly for offering an invitation to hopefully do business in the future. So we know neither of these guys will be doing that. Marques will save his for the select people he sees that possibility with and Austin will be doing his follow up as a good networker does when he asks for information.

Make sure you check these guys out because they make fantastic content on YouTube when it comes to technology and electronics.

Visit Marques on YouTube and Twitter. Visit Austin on YouTube and Twitter.