My Must-Haves for Traveling

I’m currently doing the travel thing right now in Las Vegas, NV for the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s a great event that I’ve attended every year for 4 years, networking with people in the tech industry and learning about the new products available.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about the things that I absolutely must have with me when I travel to events like these in case you’re thinking of heading out to an event yourself.

My Pedometer

The thing I’m always must excited to bring is my Fitbit One. I don’t really have to think hard about bringing it because I wear it every day, but it is really cool to have it at events like these because of how much I’m moving around and walking all over new cities. Between sessions, networking events, dinners and heading back to the hotel for sleep, I love counting how many steps I’ve taken during the whole event.

My Camera

There’s no doubt that the most important realistically for me to bring to an event like this is my camera. Getting key footage when there are so many interesting people, events and products to check out is a great way for me to make my online presence even more appealing for the audience and the potential audience. I definitely plan to have content next week from my time at CES and that’s why i need all the equipment for my set in the office to keep a consistent quality of the web series.

My Phone

This is obvious but the reason I bring it up is because it probably satisfies every need on my list. So don’t feel bad if you want great video but don’t have a DSLR camera. Your phone can do it. It can help you if you’re a podcaster. it can help you if you’re a photographer. It can help you figure out where you’re going. This age of smartphones is the most amazing of all time, so if nothing else… have one!

My Business Cards

At an event like this Consumer Electronics Show, you want to make sure you’re not getting lost in the shuffle when you meet someone key to a possible future business relationship. Having business cards so that someone might be able to follow up with you is really important. Is it the end of the world if you don’t have any or run out. No. But make sure you’re only accepting cards from people you see a future of working with and then follow up with them a few days after the event so they have your contact info and remind them how you met so the ball is in both courts for possibilities to come.

My Computer

I’m so happy I invested in the Macbook Air awhile back. It makes traveling with a computer so much more effortless and I don’t feel like my back is going to give out anymore. It’s so handy if you’re a frequent traveler to have something lightweight and will not hold you back from getting the job done. (I do love traveling with my tablet, but it’s not going to replace the work I have to do on the computer… even if with a keyboard attached.) Also, if you are a blogger that wants to share your experiences at the event, it’s definitely something you want to have at all times so you’re not publishing content later than everyone else. I’m not  blogging while I’m here because the content I’m sharing if evergreen, but if something happened, I would still have the option.

What are your must-haves for traveling to events?