2014 Resolutions for Your Business

You may be having a hard time with your personal new year’s resolutions, but setting ones for youe business is not a choice. it’s time to set expectations for your year so you have something to work toward. Today I’m sharing some resolutions you should seriously think about for your business in 2014.

1) Set Challenging Goals

Let’s not be unrealistic but you should definitely start thinking bigger about the goals for your business so you’ll actually try to stretch your capabilities to get there. It doesn’t matter how you want to measure success but make sure you’re choosing something that is extremely motivating and actually moves your brand forward in the industry.

2) Vlog Regularly

If you haven’t started yet, use the new year as your excuse! There is no better place than video to make that personal connection with your audience and if you don’t know that then you must be new here. Check out my beginner’s guide to vlogging and get started now.

3) Stop Pitching on Social without Earning It

Don’t act like you don’t know if you’ve earned it or not. I know you know better. The fact is, if you’re just pitching your product or services on social without thinking about what you customer actually wants and listening to those conversations, you’ll never get anywhere. Only far into building trust and relationships and gaining social proof does one get the pass when they go into sales mode on Twitter. You have a lot to do before then. Start with #2 and earn it with great info. (Psst… I’m not telling you that you can’t sell yourself. You just have to have the right platform for it. I use email marketing for this.)

4) Network Effectively

Your network isn’t any good if you think they’re just going to remember you and call you up when they want to pay you for your services. That’s not how relationship-building works, obviously. I love Contactually. Best platform for reminding me who I haven’t reached out to recently and need to drop a line. If you leave them, they won’t remember you so get organized and contact your contacts.

5. Start Living the Marketing Lifestyle

Continuing to believe that you don’t need to be a big part of your marketing is a great way to crash and burn your business quickly. You are your business therefore your life is not marketing. What you think about. How you talk. What you wear. How you sell yourself. How you treat your business. It’s all part of the marketing lifestyle and your key to success. Make the right moves and always be thinking about how you can help others so they will remember and trust you.