Market Your Events with OverNear [VIDEO]

I recently learned about this app and it’s certainly in the early-adopter stage but definitely one to watch. If it catches on (and the incoming ability to send to social media outlets will help… as I discussed with the creator) it will be a fantastic way to market events that you’re running or attending.

Market Your Events with OverNear

I learned about this app through Gary Vaynerchuk as he was advertising his book tour. OverNear is an app he is using to keep people aware of the different locations of where he will be where people are invited to come and meet up.

It’s kind like a Foursquare check in… but in the future.

By adding your events to the app, the people who are following you (whether they are your “friends” on your personal profile or your “followers” on your public profile) and in the area where you will be, will get a ping so they’re directly alerted to notate that date on their calendar if they want to meet up.

As I mentioned, you do have those separate profiles and that’s really the only small confusing part when you first get started, but you won’t have to worry about it for long as it seems they are updating the app soon to streamline that process.

But it is great to have those options because it makes it possible for all walks of life to use it. People who only want to let their close friends know where they’re going to be will make great use out of the personal profile and friending process, while someone like you who is a brand, business, speaker, events company, or many other things can use the public profile to advertise to targeted people what’s happening in their area should they be following you.

This was great for Gary because people who live in the areas of where he was showing up to talk about his new book would get a “ping” to their phone and be able to seamlessly plan on going to see him, versus the typical “When are you coming to Columbus.” “I was just in Columbus.” conversation.

I really love this because there are great ways online to let people know where you’ll be but not nearly as targeted geographically the way OverNear is. You really can’t miss out if you’re following along with people and brands you want to meet up with.

What do you think of OverNear and how you might be able to use this technology? Share in the comments!