How I Prioritize My Time [VIDEO]

It’s typical for any of us to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But the reality is that every one of us here on earth have the same number of hours to work with. So if you prioritize your time effectively, you can feel better about all the things you need to do.

And that’s exactly what we’re talking about today thanks to a question from Carly:

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“Would you be interested in creating a video or have you already created one about what and how to prioritze work when time is liited? Currently I am working a full time job and I have my photography business on the side which I am slowly but surely growing my audience. My problem is keeping videos consistent and sending out emails to my subscribers.”


How I Prioritize My Time

I can definitely speak from experience about building up a business on the side of a “real” job. That’s how I got my start since I had no idea I would want to grow up to be in marketing. I learned the territory and made time to execute on evenings and weekends. It was fine for me because I was so excited about the industry, it just felt like fun.

So really you just sort of start off by executing and seeing what works, right? You have to know the tasks you need to get done and when is more effective to do that so you can get into that habit and things get done quicker and more effectively.

But I also love structure and there was one time management system I found that absolutely made me love addressing my to do list. And that’s the time management system from Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

He had these quadrants designed to help you think about the tasks at hand. Here’s a diagram to show you what he taught:

stephen covey

By looking at everything this way and then following through in that numerical order, you’re going to be ahead of the game in no time. You would think that everything urgent would come first. But by taking care of things that are important but not urgent, they never end up in your first quadrant where you are rushed to execute. If it’s important it should be done when you have time to think more clearly. Not when you’re in high pressure mode… if that’s possible to avoid anyway.

So I really love this system as a back up when I’m feeling bogged down by my tasks. The reality is so many important things fall by the wayside because of the daily tasks that are important but take a lot of time. Should those things begin to be outsourced if you’re not effectively completing things that actually need your attention and will move your business forward leap and bounds?

Time to look at what you’re up on a daily basis and see what you can get rid of or get done right.