Sexy Listening With Advanced Twitter Search [VIDEO]

I was inspired by a meeting I had with a client about ways that we could find interesting conversations on Twitter to engage with. The Advanced Search option was totally key for really targeting our results and getting less noise to filter through.

Check out this week’s Sexy Wednesday with a little screen capture action on the computer to explain further.

Sexy Listening With Advanced Twitter Search

First you want to head over to and click on “Advanced Search”.

The company I was helping is one that helps clients recover. Whether that means waking up from a good sleep, finishing a workout, or trying to power through the rest of their day. So we started talking about those kinds of examples where someone might be in a situation of needing recovery and a couple key words sprung to mind at first.

First of all, we would want to see if anyone is talking about a workout. Hopefully one they’ve already completed or would like to complete if they have the energy. But if you just punch “workout” into keywords, you’re going to get a lot of mess. Marketers and small businesses. Blogs and supplement sales. They will get in the way.

So if we want to target a stressed out consumer, we definitely want to also include the word “tired”. Because it’s more likely that someone who just finished or doesn’t feel like working out is probably tired.

When you add these key words to the top line where it says “All of these words” make sure you put “AND” in between them so that Twitter knows you want tweets that only include both of the keywords. If that’s the situation. Which in this case it was. Alternatively, you can use the work “OR” if that makes more sense for your search.

Now this will bring us good results but there still may be a little bit of noise. To really ensure we’re getting the people we’re looking for, check out that fun little “Other” option at the bottom. Smiley faces. I use ’em. People use ’em. Emoticons are bringing people closer to their feelings daily. So why not add a little emotion to your preferred search results. In this situation, sad face is highly appropriate and very likely going to be seen.

With those keywords and settings we have a great bunch of results. People saying “I was going to work out but I’m kinda tired and it’s late” all the way to “I’m really glad I got my workout in but I really need to bounce back. I’m so tired.” All of these are amazing options for my client to go in and say “you can do it!” or “I totally feel ya man. Almost missed my workout too.” or “what did you work out today? We did arms.”

So many opportunities for you to engage in a really human conversation and yet extremely relevant to your brand. No need to go in from the kill. Just drop a hello and see how they respond. You know they’re at least going to look you up in they’re wondering where the heck you came from. But conversation is extremely invited on this network because people want to be found.

Have you tried Advanced Search? Share some of your ideas in the comments!