Facebook Trick for Increased Relevancy on the News Feed [VIDEO]

Facebook can make it really difficult to get the facetime we deserve on the news feed. So today I’m talking about one little trick to help you increase the relevancy of the content you share making it more likely you’ll be seen by your fans and possibly new ones as well.

Facebook Trick for Increased Relevancy on the News Feed

If you’re not clear on my philosophy around Facebook, I call it the place where we “rally the troops”. People who are likely to follow you there are the ones who seek you out because they already love the stuff you’re doing or the product you’ve created and they want to follow along with you in a place they frequent.

Growing a following organically on Facebook is a little bit more challenging than in other places because of the way that brand pages are restricted from interacting with personal profiles, versus other networks like Twitter where all accounts are basically equals.

But even when you do get a following on your brand page and want to interact with them and share what your company is up to, Facebook makes it difficult to even be seen as they would rather you invest in ads to increase your reach. Really? They people that alread like me need an ad to see what I’m doing?

Not cool.

So I really like this trick to change up the way you reach people on Facebook, because it actually helps your content get categorized better and therefore increase its relevancy.

First of all, you get to take advantage of some of the only outreach available on Facebook as a brand page and that’s to OTHER brand pages. So not only can you comment and like statuses, you can directly post on their wall if the setting of their page allow it.

So think about that. If you write a new blog post, you obviously post to your own brand page as this sort of press release that there is new content available. But if it was in reference to something or someone who already has a Facebook page of their own, you could post it to their page. By doing that, you target certain people who are already following you who also like that brand page.

Why does this matter? Well Facebook sees that you posted as a brand on a brand page. Anyone that likes both of your pages is more likely now to see that activity on their news feed because Facebook thinks that because it’s two brands that these users like, the interaction must be something they want to know about. Therefore increasing relevancy.

One brand that does an amazing amout of this type of Facebook activity is Perez Hilton. When he has a new blog post about a new celebrity, he posts it on their brand page. That way if someone likes his blog posts and that particular celebrity, they are even more likely to see that content because it’s two people of interest and then from there of course they’re going to click and interact. Huge increase in relevancy for the Perez Hilton blog and brand which is feeding off knowing who his audience likes that is aligned with what he does.

So who are you audience interacting with on Facebook that you could use to increase your Facebook relevancy?