Holidays: The Most Theme-able Time of the Year [VIDEO]

Content marketing is all about making people feel the need to act. And you do that by making what you do and sell sexy. It’s tough sometimes, but there’s a fine art to it and it works for most every industry. But we all do reach that point where we’re tired of strategizing ideas becuase it feels like you’ve done it all.

And then. The holidays arrive. And that, my friend, is a nice big silver platter full of content. Waiting for you.

Holidays: The Most Theme-able Time of the Year

Sing with me: It’s the most…. them-able tiiiiiiiiiime of the yearrrr!

Yes that’s right. I just sang. In text.

The beautiful thing about the holidays is that every single person on the planet can relate. Even the people who claim they don’t have a family and are atheist. Everyone is affected in some way whether they are embracing it out not.

So that means there is no-doubt-about-it going to be a way for you to tie in some aspect of the holiday season and relate it to your industry. They are just so many possibilities!

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Fitness gurus can put together the best post-Thanksgiving workout plan and make it the free download for their email subscription gift. Great way to theme your sign-ups for November and entice with something they know they’re going to need after they eat all that delicious food!! (OMG probably my favorite holiday.)
  2. Professional organizers should create a bunch of lists (branded with your info, of course) that help people execute during this time of year. New years resolutions, Christmas gift list, grocery list for the family get together. Then, add a little value to each of those lists so they have more than just lines and colors (something you can easily download from Microsoft Word) and you have yourself a great list-builder as well!
  3. Comedians and other entertainers could definitely round up the year by talking about who is on their Naughty and Nice list. I’d be curious as to why, too! Definitely a fun one to get people engaged with.
  4. If you have a shop down the street, make a list of your Top 10 must-haves or great gifts  for the holidays that are on your show floor. One of the few times I will tell you to talk about your product, but if you tie it into the holiday spirit, you’re more likely to get away with it.

These are just a few ideas. There are so many of your and so many options that you can use. Hopefully these help to get the wheels turning. Share your ideas that you came up with for yourself as you watched this video in the comments!