Business Cards: What Goes On There? [VIDEO]

Great question from a good friend of the community:

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“Amy have you ever done a video on business cards? Like, what sort of info you definitely should (or definitely SHOULD NOT) include on a card? I’ve been designing business cards for myself recently and as someone who is self-employed and doesn’t work for a specific “business” per se, I find it difficult to figure out what to include or not include to make myself sound the most marketable. Including social media on business cards seems pretty trendy but I’m interested in what you think! :)”


It’s funny how much weight people put on this little cards they carry around. Sure, they help facilitate getting more business but how important is the information you’re putting on there and what the heck should it be in the first place?

Business Cards: What Goes On There?

Most important thing to remember is that handing out more business cards does not bring you more business. It’s not like money with candy. Although I wish that transaction was a little less easy as well. *Checks Weight Watchers daily points balance.*

Your business card is just another form of communication that helps you get your information out there. but it DOES NOT make you more marketable. That’s all on you.

I have as little on my business cards as possible for a couple reasons:

  • I need room to write in case there is something else I want someone to do. If I give them something to look up or search for, they’re more likely not to lose my information.
  • I want it to be clear what the call to action is. You get my name, title, business name, website URL, email address and Twitter handle. Those are all the bare essentials for getting ahold of me and if I give you more options than that, I won’t know where to expect your inquiry. Keep it simple, stupid.

The big takeaway here is that you should only be handing out your business card to someone you’ve had a meaningful and valuable conversation with. Something that you can see being a possible relationship in the future so that you can have the tools you need to explore that. I literally throw business cards in the trash if that’s how someone introduces themselves. Poo on you for not getting to know me and what my needs are first.

Think about how you can contribute to a conversation. Listen. Hear people’s pain points and figure out how you might be able to solve them. That’s what gets people interested in you and that’s what will make someone want your business card so they can follow up, ASAP.

What’s your call to action going to be when you leave a glowing impression on possible business relationships?

P.S. Here is the business card I couldn’t really feature in the video:


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