My Favorite WordPress Plugins [VIDEO]

Today’s video is brought to you buy @DCtitleguy and his fabulous question:

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“Would you ever do a WordPress plugins video? Best to have.”

First of all I need to preface my recommendations with a word of caution. If you get too happy with your plugins in one sitting, your website will get very mad at you and probably shut down. Meaning you’ll be on the phone with your host until they can get it back up and running. So when you change activity in your plugins or other functionality make sure you do a little at a time and not go crazy adding and deleting stuff all at once. It’s a sad story when your site is down. *heart pitter patter from bad memories*

On that note, I know you’ll download responsibly. So here are some WordPress plugins that save me time and energy every single day.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

1) Broken Link Checker

It’s never good to have links in your content that don’t go anywhere. That’s just disappointing. But who has time to go back and check every single one. That sounds like a problem you would only see from The Griswold family Christmas. Instead, Broken Link Checker just lets me know on my home dashboard that I have some links I need to inspect, edits and/or delete because they are not working. It’s that simple. Healthier website. Not too much work from me.

2) Tweet Old Post

We’re always spending a lot of time creating content but we should actually be spending more time marketing it. And yet, we tend to drop the ball on the older stuff. Tweet Old Post will do just as it says. Helping you push more of your content out reguarly that still deserves some face time and keep your Twitter stream full of value. Be careful on how often you tweet and how many posts the plugin has to choose from. If set up incorrectly. it will tweet the same things over and over and that’s not good. You really need to have continuous content rolling and a good archive to choose from for this to be effective and not annoying.

3) WordPress Editorial Calendar

I refuse to look at my content plan any other way than on a chronological basis. It’s so much easier to make time to execute when you have deadlines and fill in empty time slots. WordPress Editorial Calendar helps you look at all your blog posts on a monthly calendar, as well as let you add drafts and ideas with just a click of a date. It’s great for getting your topics down in a place where you will actually be publishing them.

4) Google Analytics Dashboard

You should really be in tune with your website performance and traffic and it can be difficult to make a point to do this regularly. I personally only go in depth with my analytics once per month, which is when I actually go to the Google Analytics website and see what’s going on. But on a daily basis I have Google Analytics Dashboard which is on my home page for WordPress and keeps me up to date on basic stats so I can keep an eye in case something drastically changes. Definitely a time saver and a good reminder to stay close to my analytics.

What WordPress plugins are you loving?