Collaborate with a Channel Takeover [VIDEO]

So. Interesting chain of events. I’m taking what the Europeans call a “holiday”. And what Americans call a “vacation”. Both claim no work is involved. Only one sticks to that challege typically.

And I will be following the traditional American way and work throughout my vacation. But in order for it to be less invasive on my family time, I’ve organized a little something special for all of you so that I can do a little less and you can still get a ton of value.

Collaborate with a Channel Takeover

If you’re not familiar with what’s called a Channel Takeover, it’s when a guest video creator makes a video specifically for the audience of another channel. The host channel owns the content but the creator get the opportunity to grow its audience by speaking with someone else’s.

This was ultimately the best idea for me to be able to take some time off without leaving you all hanging because I live for the idea of sharing the love with other creators and giving you more opinions and insights from brilliant people doing business in different ways than I do. Also, I don’t want any hate comments for the withdrawl. 🙂

It helps me out because:

  • I can take time off from creating content
  • My editorial calendar stays in place and might a little change makes things a bit more interesting
  • I get to be a connector by bringing a tailored audience and brilliant creator together (all while sipping wine in Napa… what a great job!)
  • You guys get more great insight that I might not be able to provide for you

It helps guest creators because:

  • DUH! You’re the coolest audience EVER! Why would they not want to hang out with you?
  • They can expand their network by trying to get you to join to their community and I’ve fully endorsed their content by uploading it to my own channel. Two thumbs up!
  • They learn how to create content for a specific audience that still shows what they’re best at but provide the value that you subscribed to my community for.

Well I’m off for vacation! Don’t worry, you’ll still see my pretty mug next week. Introductions must be made. But for the next four videos will be predominately guest vloggers so please treat them how you would treat me and let us all know what you think about their content in the comments section or on social.