How to Brainstorm Trendy Content Ideas [VIDEO]

As sick as you might be of hearing yourself say that you don’t know what to blog about, I am sick of it also. (Haha I love you though!) So in an effort to give you yet another resource for coming up with great content ideas, I’m going to share a tool I use when I’m out of ideas and need to come up with something that will get people talking.

How to Brainstorm Trendy Content Ideas

When you’re trying to create content that will be searched for, it’s good to know what the most popular topics in search are on a regular basis. Google does a great job of letting you know, too.

Something I like to do to come up with new ideas and find out what people are talking about is visit You get a list in order of popularity per day of the top searches on Google. You can change the country location to see what your target audience is specifically looking at and see if there is something you might be able to use to bring in as a comparison to your niche or industry. No harm in profiting off that traffic influx, right?

There is also a way to change the list over to Top Charts. This makes it a little easier to digest monthly hot topics within their respective cateogries. Nice for being able to limit what you’re viewing so you can focus on what you think would make sense for your content.

Some examples of what you might come up with when looking at these popular topics could be the following:

  • If you’re a fitness and health type of brand, you could take one of the top trending celebrities who have a nice body and share best exercises to do to look like X person.
  • If you’re a travel guru, you could take a top trending city and share the best attractions to check out when visiting there.

Lots of different directions to go and as you observe the conversations that are happening, you’ll be able to make a determination with the frame of mind that is your niche.