A Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging [VIDEO]

For Sexy Wednesday, I thought I would answer a question from one of the socials about a beginner’s guide to vlogging. I could make a whole new video about this but it would be VERY long because I’ve actually made a ton of content that can help. So this is my explanation of a YouTube playlist I’ve created that brings together 6 videos I’ve shared that will help you get started in vlogging.

*Blog Readers*If you play the video, you will actually be guided straight through the playlist so no extra work needed on your part!

A Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging

Please note! The following list of videos were the only ones on the playlist when this blog post was published but it has grown with many many more video blogging resources! Just click play and take notes!

1) Warm Up to Vlogging with These Apps

This is a great video of options to get started with vlogging through your phone. With so many ways to vlog thanks to iPhones and Androids there’s definitely going to be a way for you to get used to this medium without buying all the equipment first.

2) My Vlogging Camera

This video will show you the cameras I use that are not crappy video cameras but not DSLR equipment either. Canon Powershots are a great option when you’re starting to take vlogging more seriously. They give you flawless HD video without the ridiculous pricetag.

3) How to Make Cheap Awesome Videos

This is a great video that is going to explain a lot of the vlogging process that I go through to make my videos every week here on Savvy Sexy Social. Definitely a must-watch of the playlist for a good rundown of what to expect from videos are this level.

4) How to Make Fun YouTube Thumbnails

You want your videos to stand out when you upload them to YouTube because competition is high. So custom thumbnails are key. Remember: you need to be a YouTube partner to have this functionality but it’s very quick and easy to make that happy and well worth it for the functionalities you get.

5) How to Create My Outro Video

Although my outro looks a bit different than when I made this video, the concept is still very much the same. This tutorial will show you how to make a nice end card for an outro to all my videos to drive further views and engagement.

6) Top 5 Beginner Tips for Vlogging with a DSLR Camera

Austin Evans helped all the socials, including myself, by giving some great tips to beat learner’s curve when switching to a DSLR camera to create video. This is a great rundown of the different features you need to know to get started and how you should work with them to take beautiful footage.

Watch the whole playlist on YouTube (including any new additions since this blog post is made) and tell me what you want to know about beginning vlogging in the comments so I can add that to the playlist next time!