Reverse Email Marketing To Grow Your Network [VIDEO]

First of all, can I get a little “WOOP! WOOP!” for this being the 500th blog post on Savvy Sexy Social. Hell ya.

For this Savvy Tuesday, I wanted to help you think about more creative ways you can be growing your network. We’re all probably registered to quite a few different email newsletters. Varying from retail to consulting to platform notifications. How else can you take advantage of being on a list other than just receiving its information?

Reverse Email Marketing to Grow Your Network

Usually when we talk about email marketing on Savvy Sexy Social its to discuss how we can get a larger audience to engage your email list so they can stay up to date on what’s happening when your brand and ultimately be met with any sales opportunities that support your business plan. But that’s not the only way to use emails to market your brand.

As a member of other email lists, you’re basically doing a favor for the content creator. They politely asked you to join their list (ideally if you think you would ever do business with them) so you joined and are now a prime target to be sold to. But the relationship doesn’t need to stop there. Now that they’re allowed to send you a direct email with this list, you should be able to take advantage of that same access as well.

Reply to your emails and get to know your thought leaders better, while at the same time having them get to know you. Address a question that was asked in the summary. Voice your opinions (nicely) about the content that was discussed. Just say hi! When you approach them in a way that now you have their undivided attention because of how you’re engaging their content marketing strategy, they’re going to learn who you are real quick.

This is helping you grow your network as not just a fan or subscriber, but now an acquaintance who is now being seen as an engaged member of the community and someone that creator is going to be familiar with if continued to be connected with in the long run possibly meaning they’ll be able to help you should the opportunity arise.

Start watching your emails for those little calls-to-action that pose an opportunity to reply. If you’re familiar with my email list, I always include a little personal note from myself because I want the subscribers to feel like they’re getting a special piece of me. Something no one else is getting on my blog, videos, social media, etc. I always have a call-to-action there of how you might feel on the particular subject I talked about.

I can gives you many names of people who reply to my email often. (Hi guys!) And they now have a place in my brain of people I remember. People that follow me. People that love my brand. People who are benefiting from my content. They remind me how special it is that I do what I do, therefore they’ve become acquaintances in my network and I in there’s. Isn’t that better than being a silent listener?


Have you tried to email someone back after their eblast?

When can you spend a piece of your day to connect with these thought leaders?