Facebook Isn’t Your Website [VIDEO]

Social media, especially Facebook, has made it a lot easier for businesses to come up with a way to have an online presence quickly, efficiently and most importantly cheaply.

But the problem is, social media can’t be the end all be all for how to contact your business online. It’s not yours! What happens when it’s gone? Your presence goes with it. That’s what. More on this in today’s video of why you need your own online real estate: a website.

Facebook Isn’t Your Website

Remember Myspace when it was cool 5+ years ago? Think about how crappy that would have been if you had been using it to market your business and then it just took a dive into no man’s land? Not good.

You never know when a social network is going to go under and disappear. Even Facebook. It’s not likely that it’s going anywhere, but it comes in and out of popularity with various audiences. And the day that yours leaves, you better hope they converted to your website so you can still stay connected with them.

Social media is obviously a place you want to be, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now. But you need to be there to listen to your audience and find out what they want to know and how you can help. That’s how you get them to learn more about you and take calls to action where you have complete control: your website.

You need your own URL, website, email list, analytics, all of it. A place that you have complete control over what is being displayed so that your audience can’t get shiny object syndrome and bail on the experience you’re trying to guide them through.

Without a website, it is going ot be so much harder to measure your efforts and see if what you’re doing is successful. (Because we all know those social metrics are sexy, but stupid.)

But just because you don’t have a website doesn’t mean you can’t start building relationships with social media. In fact, you’ll be at anadvantage because without links to your homepage to blast, you’ll be forced to listen to what people are saying first. And that’s what we all should be doing most of the time. Save the soapbox and make some friends.


Are you sending your social network to your own online real estate?

What calls-to-action make the most sense for your audience to subscribe and visit your website more often than your social profiles?